Passive Search

Advanced Passive Search

Analyzing Common Crawl Data

Internet Search Engines scan millions of active websites and store their data as open source. With SwordSec’s advanced Passive Search tool, you can search for

  • Raw Words
  • HTTP Headers
  • HTTP Reply Meta Data
  • Links (CSS, pdf)
  • Web Technology Components (Apache, Jquery, Google) 
  • Company Name,

and more in TBs of data. Also, you can analyze these data as raw or statistically.


Web archive search engines hold immense amounts of data inside. SwordSec’s advanced passive search can generate results scanning desired information and datasets by using these resources. For example, you can search websites that use “Apache 2.4.7″ and contains the word “Turkey” and the feature will list them.

Or you can search the raw data of websites that contain Turkish sentences.


In the example below, you can see websites discovered by search engines in “December 2018” and that use “coinhive.js“.

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