SwordEye Recon

Cloud Based Fully Automated Reconnaissance Platform

Cyber Reconnaissance Platform

The first thing an attacker would do when he is planning the attack is gathering as much data as possible using the open internet environment. A target’s past digital footprint may create an opportunity for an attacker. The risk of being attacked for a domain is increased if its data sets and associated entities are not controlled in the open internet environment.

SwordEye™ provides you with data collected from tens of sources using goal-oriented special techniques and enhanced passive searching techniques for discovery.

It is a product that reduces the time taken for the data collection process to minutes for Security Operations Center (SOC) specialists, malicious software analysts, pen testers and cybersecurity specialists.


  • Malicious Malware Reconnaissance
  • Web Applications Reconnaissance
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Similar Namespaces
  • Port and Service Reconnaissance
  • IP & Netblock Reconnaissance
  • Associated Namespace and Sub-namespace Reconnaissance
  • SSL & TLS Reconnaissance
  • DNS Reconnaissance
  • Whois Reconnaissance
  • E-mail Reconnaissance
  • Data Leak Reconnaissance
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