About Us


SwordSec, which is a Cybersecurity Research and Development company founded in 2018 offers “Next Generation Cybersecurity Solutions” to Turkish, European, and American markets. Our team consists of experienced engineers, white-hat hackers, and developers with 10+ years experience. Knowing the attackers, threat actors and methods, we offer our customers external threat intelligence and cyber-security solutions. SwordSec is a part of the Turkish Cybersecurity Cluster supported by the Presidency of Defense Industries of Turkey.


We create top-notch solutions with our experienced team

We are not operating actively only in the Turkish Market, but also we are creating solutions for the Global Market.

Our references consist of 50+ public and private sector companies

We show great care for your data security: We store our customer’s data as per GDPR and Data Protection Law.


Our Vision

We want to create cyber-security solutions competing big companies in the long term. Providing all services in the cyber-security field easily and safely while ensuring the information security of our customers.

Our Mission

SwordSec aims to create quality solutions for the cyber-security needs of medium and big sized companies. We create special products and applications to offer many cybersecurity solutions.

  • Quality Service
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customizable Products
  • Multiple Solutions
  • Customer Data Security
  • Solution-Based Approach
  • Open to Innovation
  • Ethical
Dr. Emin İslam Tatlı
CISO at Turkcell, OWASP Turkey Board Member

SwordSec is specialized in cyber threat intelligence and SwordEye is a great tool for next-generation SOCs

Dmitriy Budorin
Hacken Ltd

SwordSec specialists supported us in our process of creating cyber intelligence.

Ferruh Mavituna
Netsparker Ltd.

SwordEye works very well, the results were nice and fast as far as I can say from my tests.

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