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We use cookies to help improve your experience of our website (including and any subdomains of these sites). This cookie policy is part of SwordSec’s privacy policy, and covers the use of cookies between your device and our site. Our web site use cookies that may be produced and served out of the EU and Turkey, which may result with the transfer of certain data to third countries. We also provide basic information on third-party services we may use, which may also use cookies as part of their service, though they are not covered by our policy.

If you don’t wish to accept cookies from us, you should instruct your browser to refuse cookies from SwordSec, with the understanding that we may be unable to provide you with some of your desired content and services.

What is a Cookie?

Cookie is a small text file sent to your device through your web browser when you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to run more efficiently in addition to ensuring the presentation of personalized web pages in order to make you live a faster visit experience which is more fit to your specific personal needs and demands. Containing only data on your website visit history via internet, cookies do not collect any information, also including your personal data/files stored on your device.

Types of Cookies and Their Intended Purposes

There are two types of cookies, namely Persistent and Temporary Cookies, depending on the validity time thereof. Temporary cookies are generated at the time you visit the internet website and are valid and in vigor only until you shut down your browser. On the other hand, persistent (or permanent) cookies are generated upon your visit to the internet website and remain thereat until you delete them or they expire out. Persistent cookies are used for such transactions as providing you with a personalized experienced fit to your settings.

The types of cookies and their intended purposes are explained in detail below.

Strictly Necessary Cookies These are essential for the proper functioning and operation of our website.
For example, our website uses strictly necessary cookies for such purposes as identity verification, and retention of information concerning your current login. Used only for purposes such as security and verification, these cookies are not utilized for any marketing purposes.
Functionality Cookies These cookies enable the website to remember the preferences of users visiting our website. For instance, the language preference or text font size selection is stored on website memory if this type of cookie is allowed. If not, a feature of the website customized for you may not be remembered and your selections/preferences will be prevented from being stored on website memory.
Performance and Analysis Cookies These types of cookies help in improving our website. They collect data regarding how visitors use the website. They are also utilized to understand whether or not the website is functioning properly and to identify and determine errors detected.
Targeting and Marketing Cookies These cookies are used to promote products and services on our website or on other platforms than our website, to display relevant and personalized advertisement to you together with our collaborating partners, and to measure efficiency of advertisement campaigns.
Why Do We Use Cookies?

The main purposes of using cookies on our Website are listed below:

  • To improve the services provided to you by increasing the functionality and performance of the website,
  • Improving the Website and offering new features on the Website and personalizing the features offered to you according to your preferences;
  • To ensure the legal and commercial security of the Website, you and our Company.
  • Using within the scope of direct and indirect marketing activities
How Can You Change Your Cookie Preferences?

If you do not wish to accept cookies from us, you can instruct your browser to refuse cookies from our website. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, but you can update these settings to either refuse cookies altogether, or to notify you when a website is trying to set or update a cookie. Support pages of different browsers for managing their cookie settings is given below.

If you browse website from multiple devices, you may need to update your settings on each individual device.

Although some cookies can be blocked with little impact on your experience of a website, blocking all cookies may mean you are unable to access certain features and content across the sites you visit.

Browser Support Page for Managing Cookie
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Privacy Preferences
When you visit our website, it may store information through your browser from specific services, usually in form of cookies. Here you can change your privacy preferences. Please note that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience on our website and the services we offer.