Attack Surface Analysis

See the attacker's next step

What is Attack Surface Analysis?

Attack surface analysis is about mapping a system to see which sections have vulnerabilities in terms of security. The goal of the Attack Surface Analysis consists of understanding the risky areas in an application, sharing the information on which parts of it are vulnerable with cybersecurity experts and developers, and finding ways to minimize this. Attack surface analysis tests are usually conducted by security architects and pen test experts. However, developers should understand and follow the Attack Surface while designing, creating and changing a system.


  • Malicious Software Detection
  • Web Application Detection
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Similar Namespaces
  • Port and Service Reconnaissance
  • IP & Netblock Reconnaissance
  • Related Namespace and Subnamespace Reconnaissance
  • SSL & TLS Reconnaissance
  • DNS Reconnaissance
  • Whois Reconnaissance
  • Email Adress Reconnaissance
  • Data Leak Reconnaissance
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