Dark Web Monitoring

Crawling and Monitoring...

What is Deep Web – Dark Web ?

Many internet users use search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. However, Deep Web is a content class whose data cannot be indexed by the search engines. And we can say that the Dark web is a subset of the Deep web.


Codesharing platforms (such as Pastebin, gist, Github, etc.) where tens of data entered in seconds can contain posts that might endanger your institution and the technologies you use.

SwordSec uses a technology to store these data within as per the related regulations. It instantly stores the desired site, forum or any content with data flow, and provides instant feedback to you through alarms.

  • E-mail and credentials acquired as a result of a data leak,
  • Stolen Credit Card information,
  • Social Media contents,
  • Data leaks from the company databases,
  • Health status data of patients,
  • Legal documents or information obtained illegally,
  • Username and password information of paid platforms,
  • Illegal affairs such as selling drugs and hiring hitman


  • Paste Web Sites
  • Code Storages
  • Deep & Dark Web Sources
  • Telegram & IRC chat groups
  • Domains with Malicious Software
  • Open Threat Sources
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